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Thursday - 28/05/2015 23:22
Lighting function but to ensure comfortable conditions for labor, facilities of human activities enhance the aesthetic value of buildings, for the arts and cultural activities have to save energy and environmental protection. So improving the aesthetics of public lighting system is very necessary for a developing urban area in the current period.
Nâng cao tính nghệ thuật trong hệ thống chiếu sáng công cộng TP.HCM

ADVANCED COMPUTER ART IN PUBLIC LIGHTING SYSTEM Formerly City illuminated only repel the darkness, then now with the great development of scientific and technical revolution, material life and spiritual humans are significantly improved, the purpose and requirements of lighting techniques have the important changes. Lighting function but to ensure comfortable conditions for labor, facilities of human activities enhance the aesthetic value of buildings, for the arts and cultural activities have to save energy and environmental protection. So improving the aesthetics of public lighting system is very necessary for a developing urban area in the current period.

As we already know urban lighting includes components such as:
- Illumination of power to serve the living, security, transport, ...
- Art lighting includes lighting the monumental architecture, theater events, festivals, advertising, ....
To create a master plan to guide the public lighting system of a municipality, we need to grasp the purpose and requirements of each subgroup to have a general understanding in harmony with the development of urban avoid conflicting with just cause light pollution has reduced aesthetic, waste of power:

I. Public Lighting Security - Traffic:

I.1. Purpose :
- Create a better lighting environment, help the driver handle fast, accurate situations occur on the road guarantees driving at speeds prescribed for each grade urban roads.
- Ensuring safety for all vehicles and human traffic on the road, down to the lowest level of traffic accidents.
- Ensuring security for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists on the street traffic.
- Make clear traffic signposts.
- Beauty cityscape at night.

I.2. Request :
Traffic lighting to reveal all the characteristics of the road and traffic lines including vehicles running on the road, pedestrians, signs, barricades. So to improve the aesthetics and efficiency of traffic light should have planned the layout design, office and light category matching urban planning landscape surrounding this system layout. The lighting system should match the characteristics of the street or of public spaces are designed. Factors such as architectural features or historic buildings and spaces, greenery and lighted matches are interrelated. If the road is the main feature of online traffic, the lighting design will be different than the residential street located between. For the pedestrian street or the road between residential areas, street lights have been designed as part of the surrounding landscape, in line with the other public facilities like benches, waiting for the bus station, trash, serving active travel and trade, cultural activities on pavements, squares, public green space. Factors to consider is the number of lamps mounted on a light pole (one light, two lights or more), materials, colors, shapes and classic modern. Also, many lamps serve different purposes should also be installed together. We should synchronize the same type, different only on demand functionality required for a planned route in a similar space. When the design is also of concern to other attached components such as traffic signs, etc. Sea guide

Type of lamp light and shape must also conform to the following factors: road width, pavement width, width of footpath (in the park or on the square), the height of the surrounding buildings, the number, location and type of surrounding greenery, the length of the building. But first we need to adhere to the basic principles of lighting layout to ensure uniformity and brightness according sugar levels and traffic flow has been designed for the road. Also use high-efficiency lamps and projector intended target illumination light to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment, while using the category of lights or control technology to reduce the potentially Design capacity as needed to match the flow of vehicles on the night from time to time on the road, in order to save the maximum amount of power consumption but must ensure safety for use to bring efficiency in public lighting and security - transport.

II. Art lighting, buildings and monuments:
In color architecture is one of the important constituent elements. It is used in the works on the principles of science, art and religion. These principles from the beginning until now had many changes over the period of the history of architecture.
Speaking of color, can not not mention the light. Without light, the color is just a dark area. In other words, no matter the color that absorbs only reflect light to create color. Colors are always subject to the light of the environment. However the light from an object is affected by the color of its absorption. So hard to separate these two components.


(Art lighting system of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City)

Lighting will actually create interesting effects sudden illumination when the organization focuses attention highlighting human, architecture and works of art. After installation of the lighting system according to a complete design of architectural space will be opened sparkling, fascinating, so the goal of the art lighting buildings and monuments are:

Bringing historic buildings mixed in the landscape around it and not consider each building is a jewel to display. The secret is simple: "It gave light to the right target, not deviate to other places."
Depending on the size, nature and architectural features of buildings, lighting systems and monumental architecture should meet the following requirements:
- Lighting are the main surface of the work.
- Clarification of the facility limit.
- Portrays the specific details of the work.
- Create the contrast of light and dark contrast and color.
- Avoid black ball, the glare, reflective mirror, too bright ...
- Note art lighting design must determine:
- Style, style of architecture.
- The architectural lines, gates, arches, roof, windows, walls, columns ...
- The motifs, decorative plaques characteristic.
- Material, color.
- Direction of observation, contemplation of the works.
- Features to note the direction of the main sightseeing.
- User panoramic and close-up views.
- Scenic surroundings, degree of influence.

(Art lighting system Thu Thiem Bridge)

To illuminate the structures and monuments based on the basic one the France follows:
- Find the highlight of works attract attention.
- Find gaze of works
- Create different color effects
- Create a surface effect change
- Effects such as backlight: Illumination second surface works and not lighting the first surface, to build buzz about depth, highlight details in the surface of the second and contribute to feeling at first surface embellishment most points.
- Create a ladder for work, ...

Architectural lighting works and monuments are illuminated works deepened, bringing stability and sustainability should be required to use the dedicated nature of materials with durability and longevity. To bring efficiency lighting buildings and monuments must decentralize script works with different lighting levels to split into different times of the year such as weekdays, festivals ... Department Such certainly divided scenario because if we perform nightly works brilliantly illuminated under the illumination level over the years would become monotonous and failed to make an impression on people enjoy in festival .

III. Lighting Festival events:
We also had decorative lights for many roads in the event, the festival of the city as Dong Khoi, Le Duan, Nguyen Hue Flower Street is the people praise. But that's only festival event lighting, lighting characteristics of the festival events are anonymous brilliantly colorful happen in a short time under the theme of each festival event, but not as durable sound and depth as art lighting system architecture and monuments. Should the lighting system design festival attention to creating colorful glow lighting where space focusing on specific themes each festival event, the impression created will strongest when we caught it at the usual place no decorator lighting, sudden illumination with a unique and rare find. However, in the process of calculating the decorative lighting design festival should focus on the safety of people contemplate on where to use space power, electrical safety and power saving, easy disassembly during construction. Currently with LED technology development is very strong, so the festival decorative lighting often use this technology to perform design, saving both safe and highly aesthetic.

(Art lighting systems Nguyen Hue Flower Street)

IV. Light illuminated advertising:
Since advertising lighting must comply with a brilliant eye-catching, so the units carry out ad lighting little interest in capacity utilization. Should the way illuminated advertising blooming lighting leads to advertisers consuming electricity, many places advertising lighting and decoration not only wasteful electricity use but unattractive, due Ads also spontaneous reports, lack planning. Specialized management agencies should have overall planning, creating a legal basis for the ad units comply with the law, to mix with the lighting in the overall planning of urban general contributes to beautiful appearance urban common at night.


(Lighting advertising)

     Today the architectural landscape of the city at night is also regarded as a new architectural concept, under the name of "urban light architecture". It is the sum of knowledge about the use of artificial light to highlight the urban architecture of the night. Want the perfect solution to this problem, on the one hand requires careful analysis of urban planning structure: various other areas in the municipality; the bridge over the river; the architectural landscape such as historical buildings, monuments, special architecture, ...; especially the main roads; festive lighting; ... on the other hand have a deep understanding and knowledge of architecture, engineering and aesthetics to perform lighting art lighting ideas to embellish the architecture of the urban population. So when analyzed for lighting solutions often divide the work into two rates:

- Proportion of landscape, created by the department of urban and architectural space is observed from a distance.

- Percentage of individual, created by the combinations of colors and decorate them observed from close range.

Aims to harmoniously combine both ratios above to create architectural planning of urban lighting. To achieve high efficiency in public lighting while saving electricity, the entire system of standards, lighting regulations should be reviewed, to find out the problem is not reasonable to study setting out the rules The new regulations, in accordance with the actual situation. In planning the architecture and content of urban lighting to put on such a request in urban construction, regarded it as a mandatory conditions have legitimacy in managing urban planning.

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