Fine-art lighting of Dong Loc Intersection’s Bell tower.

Thursday - 28/05/2015 23:06
Dong Loc Intersection lies on Truong Son Street, belonging to Dong Loc, Can Loc District, Ha Tinh Province, total area of Dong Loc Intersection is 50ha enclosed in a triangular valley, mountains on either side, an unique road in the center, the road look like a trough.
Dong Loc 1
Dong Loc 1
All the ways from North to South in Vietnam must pass theDong Loc Intersection. The Dong Loc Intersection is considered asa throat, when overcome this place, we can go with many different routes into the South Vietnam. The Dong Loc Intersection is a keyarea, this is a region of strategic importance, so in the destructive war, enemies planned bombingto block off the additional manpower, wealth, weapons, guns, food ...from the North Vietnam. Only 240 days and nights from March to October (1968), air force of enemy came down here48.600 bombs all types.
At 17h on 24/7/1968 Squad number 4 of Youth Volunteers were ordered filing bomb hollows, repaired a road to quickly cleared the way for vehicles passing in the place which theenemy had just drop bombs. That day, the Squad number 4 had 10 women; getting tasks done,they arrived at the scene rushing the job with the joy of sending on each car so they did not fear.They do not rest their hands, just laugh. Suddenly airplanes from North to South pass through key area. All women quickly lay down the road. Off all aircraft sound, they leaned up to work.Incidentally airplanes flying back dropping a series of bombs right into the team of 10 women.The youth volunteer squad behind then jumped up screaming, the people of the neighborhood Bai Dia around it break out each name. When they arrived, they only saw a crater deep hollows, a fewshovels, hoes but not saw anyone, did not hear a sound. The 10 young women sacrificed!
To write war crimes and record the achivement of 10 Youth Volunteers women, Parliament and Government of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam award posthumously the title Hero for 10women who sacrificed in Dong Loc Intersection.
   Bell tower has unique architecture, with curves like home roof, tiles evoke the feeling ofspiritual reverence. Bell tower architecture include: the roof, the columns, the texture on the roof,the roof door, wall ... The whole architecture of the tower structure was built with moderntechnology but still shows the old definition, solemn because they selected the textures, colors appropriate with ancient architectural lines. Imposing bell tower between mountains Dong Locremind people about the heroic mirror, sacrifice of military and civilian, of 10 women youth volunteers in the struggle to defend our country.
Ho Chi Minh City has offered to contribute with the People's Committee of Ha Tinh in the construction of the bell tower through the construction of the art lighting system.
July - 2010, The Ho Chi Minh City Public Lighting Company Limited had a task: “Fine-art lighting of Dong Loc Intersection Bell tower” by The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.With experience in the field of fine art lighting, as well as with gratitude the heroic martyrs who sacrificed, Leaders and all staff members were assigned trying to complete the work, worthy ofthe heroic sacrifice of them, worthy of trust of The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City forleading unit of profession.

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